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The Sovereign's Sceptre Cufflinks

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The Sovereign's Sceptre Cufflinks

Reproduction of the Royal Sceptre Diamond and mount as a pair of crystal cufflinks on sterling silver with T-bar swivel backs.

The Royal Sceptre, which is held in the Sovereign’s right hand during the coronation, is made of gold surmounted by a magnificent diamond-encrusted cross with an emerald in the centre. Below the cross is a splendid amethyst and below that is what is believed to be the world’s largest diamond. This is a pear shaped brilliant known as The Star of Africa. It was set into the sceptre in 1910.


The Star of Africa is the only gem in the royal regalia whose history is accurately recorded.

It was cut from an immense diamond which was found in 1905 by Mr. Frederick Wells, manager of the de Beers Premier mine in South Africa.