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The Congrieve Clock

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The Congrieve Clock
  • The Congrieve Clock
  • The Congrieve Clock
The Congreve Clock, also known as The Rolling Ball Clock, was invented in 1808 by Sir William Congreve and, instead of using a traditional pendulum to regulate the time, it utilises a small steel ball which runs along a zigzag track. The ball can typically take 15 seconds to run down the track from one side to the other where it trips the escapement which in turn reverses the tilt of the tray and at the same time causes the hands of the clock to move forward. (see a video of a Congreve clock constructed by Mr. G Lucking in 2005).
Congreve clocks are often known as unreliable timekeepers. The time taken for the ball to travel along the track varies greatly depending on the cleanliness of the horizontal track and ball.
This superb example features a cable wound fusée which regulates the force exerted by the mainspring so that the power is constant from the beginning of the wind to the end.

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