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Sterling Silver Bookmarks

At some time everybody has used "something" to try to keep their place in a book when your reading gets interrupted:
a bus ticket or train ticket when you reach your stop, a boarding card when the captain announces the plane is about to land, a shopping till receipt when you have finished the relaxing coffee - or basically whatever comes to hand when you need it!

What better then than to combine a memorable gift with a useful gift? have brought together a delightful selection of sterling silver bookmarks in a range of designs and styles, all are hallmarked and come in a gift box or case to make a perfect present for the reader.

There are basically 3 types of bookmark.
Clip style bookmarks - these clip over the top of the page you are reading (or several pages for a firmer fit) and stick out of the top of the book.

There are several variations on the design with tassels, engraving on the "tongue" or frame, .

Sterling silver feature hallmark bookmark Handmade Gift Boxed Sterling silver feature hallmark tassle bookmark Handmade Gift BoxedSterling silver book bookmark Handmade Gift boxed
Clip style bookmarks which have a molded character on the top of the clip which sticks out of the book to add a bit of fun.  These bookmarks include animals, fairies, teddy bear - even an "articulated" rabbit and bricklayer's trowels with mother of pearl or onyx handles!
Sterling silver owl bookmark Handmade Gift boxed  Sterling Silver Bricklayer's Trowel Bookmark with Onyx Handle Sterling silver frog bookmark Handmade Gift Boxed
Tab style bookmarks that just slip between the pages to hold you place - these bookmarks all come with a tassel that sticks out of the book to find your place easily. Bookmark with Diamond Pattern Engraving, Initials Plaque & Gold Tassle St Christopher Bookmark in Hallmarked Sterling Silver with White Tassle Sterling Silver Bookmark with hallmarks and blue tassle in Norman Arch shape

In addition there is one very traditional bookmark consisting of a sterling silver chain with a small silver book at the bottom and a page clip on the top. Designed to lay in the spine of the book with the silver book prodruding, this is a modern spin on the traditional ribbon bookmarks bound into Bibles and encyclopedias in the past.
Sterling Silver Bookmark on a 26.5 cm chain

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