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Shelf for 140l wheelie bn store

(Code: TGV-140l-shelf)
£ 12.00

With effect from 24th June our lead time will be extended to 16 weeks.

We are also advised that there is a national shortage of ironmongery but we are, of course, making every effort to obtain supplies. Due to this issue we have taken the difficult decision to half the number of door bolts on every product, as a temporary measure to ensure we do not run out. Instead of providing two for each door (top and bottom) we will now provide one which can be fitted in the middle of the door to hold it shut. This will work perfectly well. We have amended our instruction leaflet but should any of your customers query the number of Door Bolts please advise them that additional bolts will be sent out as soon as stock arrives.

All orders dispatched after 24th June will receive half the Door Bolts than is shown on the product images!