Ramesses II - Hand Made Model in Gypsum Plaster

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Ramesses II - Hand Made Model in Gypsum Plaster
  • Ramesses II - Hand Made Model in Gypsum Plaster
  • Ramesses II - Hand Made Model in Gypsum Plaster
Ramasses ll modeled in fine Gypsum Plaster - hand made by Revival Arts of Bath
32cm High

Ramesses the Great was the third Egyptian Pharaoh (reigned 1279 BC – 1213 BC) of the Nineteenth dynasty. He is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful Pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire and successors and later Egyptians called him the "Great Ancestor." Ramesses was aged 25 when he ascended the throne and ruled Egypt for 67 years.

When in his thirtieth year of ruling he was promoted to a living god, Ramesses wanted the buildings to reflect his status. Among the most notable structures he created are those at the Great Temple of Abu Simbel, where Ramesses sits next to his fellow gods Amun, Ra-Horakhty, and Ptah.

This exquisite sculpture is a replica of the seated Ramesses statue which was at the door of the Temple. The original statue is located in the ancient Wawat (or the legendary Ybsambul) in Nubia, near the borders of Sudan.

The sculpture shows an idealised image of Ramesses as a young man, with high cheek-bones and smooth skin. His eyebrows arch gently over wide, almond-shaped eyes. His nose is straight and well- defined and his full lips are set in a serene smile. Jutting below his chin is the rectangular false beard traditionally worn by royalty.

Ramesses also wears the nemes or royal head-dress. The stone head-dress of the statue is surmounted by a diadem or headband in the shape of a uraeus - a rearing cobra and on top of his head Ramesses wears a modus crown.

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