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Queen Victoria's Diamond Crown Cross Cufflinks

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Queen Victoria's Diamond Crown Cross Cufflinks
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These cufflinks are a reproduction based on the top cross of Queen Victoria's Damond Crown.  The The cufflinks are in sterling silver with T-bar swivel backs.

On the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert, in 1861, the grief-stricken Queen Victoria retreated into full mourning and, for a time withdrew from public life.  In 1870, soon after she resumed some of her public duties, she commissioned this tiny diamond crown from Garrard & Co to wear on top of her widow's veil. The silver frame is set with 1,187 diamonds, which unlike coloured stones - were allowed during mourning.  Being of small stature, she found the Imperial State Crown too heavy, and out of  proportion to her size. She broke diamonds out of a necklace to create this small head ornament, which measures 9cm across, 10cm high and weighs just 6 ounces.

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