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Queen Victoria Bow Brooch small

(Code: ANC-CR02904)
Availability date: 4 Jan 2022
This piece is inspired by the crowns and regalia of the British Royal Family and is produced under licence by Historic Royal Palaces, London and has been designed by Nicholas Humphery-Smith. A percentage from the sale of this item will go to support the great work of the Historic Royal Palaces, London to up-keep the treasures they look after for future generations to enable you to continue to explore the story of how monarchs and people have shaped society, in some of the greatest palaces ever built. Bow brooches have been a popular design since the 1800's, and in May 1858 Garrard (the Crown Jewellers) made a set of three bow brooches, two large and one small, out of 506 diamonds supplied by Queen Victoria. There is no pictorial reference to prove that Queen Victoria wore them, however, they were worn by both Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary at their Coronations. Queen Mary, in 1912 wore the brooch with the pear-shaped Cullinan III suspended from the bottom of it.
This item of jewellery comes with a Gift box, romance story card and care instructions.Length (cm) 5Width (cm) 4

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