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Personalised Day To Remember

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Personalised Day To Remember
  • Personalised Day To Remember
  • Personalised Day To Remember
  • Personalised Day To Remember
This unique scroll contains a personalised biography giving precise information relating to any date from the 1st January 1896 up to the present day.

The scroll includes the following information:

Name: (Enter this at checkout).
Date of Birth: (Enter this at checkout).
Famous People: Born on the same day.
Sporting Winners: Of The Football Association Cup Final; The Rugby Five (Six) Nations; Wimbledon Tennis Tournament (Mens and Ladies); The Derby Horserace and The Grand National.
News Headlines: From the same year.
Office Holders: The British Monarch(s); British Prime Minister(s) and The United States President(s) from that year.
Cost of Living:  Showing the current-day average prices compared to the average price from the scroll year for - Weekly Wages; House Prices; Cost of a loaf of bread, Pint of beer, 1lb of steak, Pint of milk, and a newspaper.

Historical Events: From the same day.
Star Sign: Name, Elements and Planets.

The document is presented in a gold effect A4 (8.5" x 11.25") frame ready to hang.