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Multi - coloured crystal Fringe Tiara necklace

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Multi - coloured crystal Fringe Tiara necklaceThe necklace is inspired by one of Queen Elizabeth's II's favourite Tiara's. In 1893 a committee was formed by Lady Greville to raise money from the Girls of Great Britain & Northern Ireland to buy a wedding present for the then Princess Mary of Teck - later to become Queen Mary. They collectively raised 5,000 and bought a tiara from the Crown jewellers - Garrards. It was a festoon and scroll design, surmounted by nine large oriental pearls on diamond spikes. This was then mounted on a bandeau base of alternate round and lozenge collets between two bands of diamonds. It was adapted and worn by Queen Mary throughout her life, and in 1947 she gave it to Princess Elizabeth (Later to become Queen Elizabeth II) as a wedding gift. This was the first tiara the present Queen ever owned, which she still affectionately calls 'Granny's Tiara'.
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Throughout most of the seventeenth century, diamonds had been cut in what is called the Mazarine style, which had 32 facets. At the end of the 1600's however, a Venetian gemsmith called Peruzzi managed for the first time to cut a diamond in 56 facets. The increase in luminosity that this new method released from the precious stones had an enormous effect on the jewellery design and the new cut was given the name Brilliant. The 18th century saw the complete dominance of French taste in a sort of cultural imperialism that spread over the whole of the continent form Lisbon to St. Petersburg. Inspired by the beauty and delicacy of an antique original, this interpretation of an 18th century jewel has been made using the finest quality nickel free alloys, hand polished and gold toned. The gems are Swarovski crystals.