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Jonquil - Small Brooch Pin - Birth Flowers March

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Jonquil - Small Brooch Pin - Birth Flowers MarchInspired Treasures incorporates a vast collection of jewellery ranging from the smallest of earrings, to bangles, bracelets, brooches, charms, lockets, necklaces, pendants and rings right through to full size replica Royal Crowns. With a broad spectrum of motifs and themes, the designer costume and fine jewellery ranges have been inspired by the many compositions, fashions and works of art from across the globe. All the jewellery tells a story and most items are accompanied with supporting stories and pictures from which the designs have been taken, together with designer-led packaging. The timeless jewellery brand and a full range of Hollywood inspired jewellery. Jewellery inspired by British Treasures both natural and artistic. Drawing on the vibrant world of Ballet, Natural History and the splendour of European Monarchy, these rich range of distinctive pieces and eye-catching collections are certain to both compliment and standout.

Following a tradition dating back to Ancient Rome, Flowers have long since marked the months. From the vibrant Carnation of January to the delicate Narcissi of December everyone has a Flower to celebrate their birthday. Daffodil is the March birth flower and it symbolises rebirth, regard, unrequited love and vanity. This item of jewellery comes with a Gift box, romance story card and care instructions. Base metal: Lead free Pewter, enamel.