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Jane Austen Doorway

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Jane Austen Doorway
  • Jane Austen Doorway
  • Jane Austen Doorway
  • Jane Austen Doorway
  • Jane Austen Doorway
17th Century (single doorway model)

The authoress Jane Austen (1775 - 1817) spent a great deal of her adult life in Bath. She lived at 25 Gay Street from 1805 onwards. Many of her novels are set in Bath and are based on the social excitement of this city. Bath is as close as England gets to Italy. Its beautiful Georgian buildings are built of the soft, warm Bath stone.

The Romans made the site popular by developing the baths, filled with the hot spring water that flows from deep underground.

The house in this model is on the hill that leads up to the Royal Crescent and shows simple Georgian elegance in the design, the pediment over the doorway is covered in beaten lead.

Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 5.5w x 8.5h x 2.5d

The entrance to any building immediately sets the scene for what is to be found inside and the doorway models from Timothy Richards of Bath focus on these iconic elements of the building.

They make a striking focus on any mantelpiece, occasional table or bookcase and make a memorable gift for all occasions.