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IONIC - Bookends

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IONIC - Bookends
  • IONIC - Bookends
  • IONIC - Bookends

The Second Order of Greek Architecture

The second order of Greek Architecture features a more slender column than the Doric. Its capital has spiral projections known as volutes. The pillar of this order also has a base and is generally fluted. Each of these features is referred to on the wall of the bookends. This Ionic detail is taken from the Temple of Athena Nike BC425 and was dedicated to The Goddess of Victory. The architect was Callicrates.


Ionic Pillars bookends

are hand cast in fine Gypsum plaster from an original reproduction sculpted by Timothy Richards Architectural Models in Plaster in Bath, England.

Weight: 4.4 kg - Dimensions: 11w x 9h x 3d