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Hopetoun House Edinburgh - Model of House Facade

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Hopetoun House Edinburgh - Model of House Facade



By the 1760ís the Adam brothers, of whom the best known is Robert, were dominating the architecture of Britain.

They specialised in a mix of classical styles. The effect of liberally mixing Roman marbled interiors with Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese additions released architecture from the sober approaches of previous architects.

The wealthy eagerly accepted the new fashionable style with a number of new houses being built and others being refurbished.

One example of these was Hopetoun House that overlooks the large estuary of the Firth of Fourth outside Edinburgh.

The bookend shows a detail from one of the wings, part of the Adam reshaping of this large country house.



About House Models

These highly collectible models make a great display on shelves, bookcases, side tables or display cabinets. They make fabulous gifts for "the person who has everything".

They are all approx. 7-8 inches high and weigh between 1.5 and 2.0 kg.

The models are designed to capture the style and essence of the building and are highly detailed, scale models modelled from both photographs of the building and using the original plans where available