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CLASSIC SAC Gods of Mythology Chess Set Burgundy & Ivory

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CLASSIC SAC Gods of Mythology Chess Set Burgundy & Ivory
Gods of Mythology Chess Set

These chess figures are based on Greek mythology.  The myths of the ancient Greeks divide into several groups.  The most significant group is that of the Olympian Gods.  Zeus is the father 
god and the most important of his fellow deities.  Other myths concern secondary 
deities, heroes and explanations of natural phenomena.  Just as Greek mythology 
was affected by cults of other lands, so the more important Greek gods 
influenced the later Roman Gods.  Some of the figures selected for this chess set 
are, therefore, given both the Greek and Roman names.  Foremost in the temple
of Greek gods were the Olympians, the elite range of gods and goddesses who 
were believed to live with their father, Zeus, on Mount Olympus.

KingZeus (Jupiter), father of the gods and men, dominion over heaven, earth and sky, presiding over 
the whole social order.  Zeus was paradoxically, a very human god, bad-tempered and lecherous, having numerous love affairs with both sexes.

QueenAphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love was worshipped in Greece, both as a goddess of pure love
and sensual lust.  She was also the patron of prostitutes.  Homer describes her as the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

BishopAsklepios (Asculapius), the god of healing and medicine.  According to Homer, he was taught 
the art of healing by Chiron.  Asklepios was the son of Apollo one of the noblest of the Olympian gods.  He often incurred the wrath of Zeus and his brother Hades, as his skill as a healer could deprive Zeus of revenge by bringing his victim back to life and also deprive Hades of inhabitants from his kingdom by ensuring they did not die.

KnightCentaur, the strange part horse, part man creature was originally portrayed as a horse with the
head of a man.  This form developed into the half-man, half-horse Centaur.  These creatures are very old in Greek legend, much older than Homer, appearing in both of his epics.  With the exception of Chiron, selected for our chess set, they were a very wild and lustful race.  Chiron differed from the others as being of human origin and was the wise and kind medicine man.

CastleThe Corinthian column of the Classical Order has been selected to create a balance in the design 
of our chess pieces.

PawnPan, the god of shepherds and the countryside, is represented with horns, legs of a goat and with 
pipes.  According to Homer, he was the son of Hermes and, though a minor god in Classical Greece, Pan enjoyed a very healthy aspect.  He was the source of groundless panic and fear that overcame people in desolate and lonely places.  It was from Pan that Apollo learnt the art of prophecy.