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Busts of Famous Faces from History and Literature

Busts of Famous Faces from History and Literature
Background by Timothy Richards of Revival Arts of Bath

At the workshop of Revival Arts of Bath, we continue a tradition that has been practised for centuries. The quest for discovery and the interest in themes of adventure, treasure and mystery and the unanswered questions of past civilizations, is as relevant today as it has always been. The Ancient worlds themselves were interested in learning from the past through archaeological discoveries but it was the powerful expansion of European nations in the 18th and 19th centuries that really opened up this world of exploration and expedition. They invested heavily and extensively in sending expeditions to Egypt, Greece, South America, India and China, the four corners of the globe.

These expeditions were tasked with exploration, discovery and deciphering the ancient worlds through the wealth of artifacts and treasures that they found. These rare finds were brought back by wealthy patrons and rulers who created museums and stores to house and display these extraordinary treasures. They went to extreme lengths, sometimes bringing back whole buildings. Another method of capturing the past on a colossal scale was to employ large teams of men to take full size plaster moulds of the discoveries that could not be moved.

The public interest in this world of discovery and representation was so intense that museums were constantly brimming with people in awe of these wonderful collections. This led to the establishment of a number of plaster casting workshops, of which the Gipsformerei of Berlin is a wonderful example, to replicate the finds for distribution and exchange to Museums and collectors around the world.

This is where the skills of the master craftsman and mould makers were developed, and these skills, techniques and methods have not changed to this day. At the Revival Arts of Bath workshop we employ the same attention to quality and detail that the master mould makers of the 18th and 19th centuries used to such great effect. The skills of these historical mould makers and the workshops that employed them were integral to the distribution of knowledge and its inclusion within the culture of nations.

The demand to own the representations of these pieces led the workshops and formaries to create small scale reproductions, allowing the public to have these remarkable artefacts from the ancient worlds in their own homes. They became interior design objects on a mass scale. The plaster cast had given the people access to these significant stories of the past.

The Revival Arts of Bath collection celebrates this rich heritage and is proud to continue this work.  At the workshop we produce castings of Egyptian discoveries, Classical and Roman treasures, extraordinary examples from the renaissance period as well as more contemporary pieces including our Art Deco range.

All of our pieces are entirely produced in our workshop in Bath England and each piece is hand cast and finished by our team of craftsmen using traditional methods and the finest British Gypsum plaster. Our collections can be found in Museums, galleries and shops of some of the finest heritage organizations around the world. We have also undertaken bespoke commissions for many of these illustrious bodies.

Famous Faces - Miniature Plaster Busts of Famous Figures from History, Literature and Antiquity
Historical Busts from Distinctly British
Busts after moulding of the body
Revival Arts have sculpted a delightful range of miniature busts (11cm - 13cm high) and produced them in a fine textured, hard plaster, British Gypsum Plaster, to give them a very smooth, hard finish.
They are all molded and finished by hand from molds made from the original sculptures by Revival Arts.
All the busts have "flat backs" and feature a range of miniature moldings around the base from figures in the history of each model together with an engraving on the plinth.

They come packed in a recycled cardboard box together with a cartoon gift tag.

There are 22 busts to choose from - see the complete range on the Distinctly British Store.

Bust of Jane Austen

Bust of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Bust of Charles Darwin

Bust of Winston Churchill

Bust of Wellington

Bust of Shakespeare

Bust of Queen Elizabeth 1st

Bust of Queen Elizabeth II 2012

Bust of Queen Victoria

Bust of Robbie Burns

Bust of Henry V111

Bust of Christopher Marlowe

Bust of Nelson

Bust of Charles Dickens

Bust of Lord Kitchener

Bust of Oliver Cromwell

Sir Christopher Wren - Miniature Bust

William Morris - Miniature Bust

Roman Goddess Athena - Miniature Bust

Aphrodite - Miniature Bust of Greek Goddess

Bust of Roman Emperor Hadrian

Sherlock Holmes - Miniature Plaster Bust 13.1cm

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