Bust of Queen Victoria

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Bust of Queen Victoria
  • Bust of Queen Victoria
  • Bust of Queen Victoria

bust of Queen Victoria

.was sculpted by Revival Arts of Bath and each reproduction is hand made and finished in British gypsum plaster

The quotation around the base reads: "The important thing is not what they think of me but what I think of them".

Around the base are small sculptures of; Osborne House,A Victoria Cross, a christmas tree, Crystal Palace,a globe,a cameo of Prince Albert, The Royal Albert Hall and an Indian Elephant.

Each bust is accompanied by a folded gift tag which is 4.5cm x 2.5cm. 

The tag has a caricature of Victoria with a quotation. The back of the tag explains the quotation and reinforces the fact that the piece is made by hand and in England. The inside is blank.

Size: 14.5cm high


Customer reviews
The product is exactly as advertised, displaying excellent workmanship and is even slightly larger than anticipated (Thank You!) The packaging was identical to a previous purchase and effectively protected the piece during a trans-Atlantic delivery. Timing of the delivery was very efficient. All told, it is another great product from Distinctly British!
Fred L.
The detail on the item is outstanding.
Munni M.