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Apis The Bull Plaque - Hand Made in Gypsum Plaster in UK

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Apis The Bull Plaque - Hand Made in Gypsum Plaster in UK

The original can be viewed at the British museum being a round-topped sandstone stela divided into three registers: 

1 - Winged sun-disc with pendant crowned uraei and jackals with flails below. 
2 - Scene of Ptolemy II wearing the double crown offering to the Buchis Bull. 
3 - Four lines of Hieroglyphic text recording the death of the sacred Buchis bull.

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Ptolemy II wears a double crown, possibly with a streamer hanging from the back and a false beard, as well as a broad collar, projecting kilt, and bullís tail. 

He presents an offering tray with three bread loaves shaped like reed leaves, one of which is damaged. An incense burner stands before the bull, who wears a sun-disc with double-plumes, and stands on a platform. 

Above the incense burner is a column intended for text, but no trace of inscription is evident and it may have been left blank. On the left, over the figure of the bull, is a second winged sun-disc, smaller and with unusually positioned wings, more often seen on hovering Horus falcons.

Despite the rather poor quality of the stone, the musculature of the kingís knees and the bullís legs are indicated, and their faces are relatively modelled. The kingís face is somewhat rounded and fleshy. The stela is chipped around the edges.

Height: 210mm
Width: 155mm
Depth: 15mm