Akhenaten & Family Plaque - Hand Made in Gypsum Plaster

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Akhenaten & Family Plaque - Hand Made in Gypsum Plaster

plaque depicts King Akhenathen, Nefertiti and Their Daughters


Akhenaten was the famous heretic king who moved the capital of the royal family from Thebes to Amarna and worshiped the sun god Aten (Aton).

This plaque or shrine stela, to give it its posh name, is from the early part of the Amarna period and depicts Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Princesses Meretaten, Mekeaten, and Ankhesenpaaten worshiping the Aten as a family.

On the plaque we see Akhenaten leaning forward to give Meretaten a kiss, whilst Mekeaten plays on her mother's lap and Ankhesenpaaten, the smallest, sits on Nefertiti's shoulder and plays with her earring. The original of this plaque can be seen in the Egyptian museum in Berlin.

This reproduction is 26cm long and hand made and finished in fine gypsum plaster.