Busts Promotion Mar 2018

Britain boasts many of the World's great writers of fiction, theatre, history and fact.

Amongst our range of miniature busts there are several very well known writers and we are pleased to offer any of these free of the normal £4.95 postage and packing cost. 

In addition, when you place any other product in a shopping basket with one of these busts, the norrmal cost of post and packing for ALL products will be FREE!

This offer is only open for orders with UK delivery addresses.

William Shakespeare - perhaps the World's most famous Bard

Charles Dickens - prolific Playwright and perhaps the greatest playwright of the Victorian Era.

Christopher Marlowe - friend of Shakespeare and successful playwright.

Oscarr Wilde - one of London's most popular playwrights in the early 1890s

Winston Churchill - Multi talented pokitician, painter and prolific writer.

Charles Darwin - father of natural selection,author of Origin of Speciies

Robert Burns - Scotland's Greatest Poet

Jane Austen - One of Englands most famous novelists.

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