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3 Great Ways to Hide Those Unsightly Wheelie Bins

Whether you live in terraced property, a semi-detached or a detached property, or even a manor house, one thing is certain - the variety of wheelie bins and/or boxes that you will be "encouraged" to sort your kitchen, recyclable and garden waste into are at best, "not very sightly".

As these bins and boxes are now almost ubiquitous, there is a growing industry based around how to hide these wheelie bins from sight.

Traditionally, unsightly areas of the garden were screened off with trellis, plants and walls. But the wheelie bins need to be both accessible on a regular basis and able to be "wheeled out" once every one or two weeks for collection - so it needs to be in a convenient place and easily accessible - which tends to mean visible.

There are a myriad of products on offer to "screen off" these bins - at we are offering 3 quality ranges to help meet the many differing needs. All come from British Companies:

Wicker Wheelie Bin Screens with or without lids

We have sold these wicker wheelie bin screens for many years and have many satisfied customers.

These screens are handmade from Polish Willow enclosed in Treated Softwood frames to give rigidity to the screens and enable the iincorporation of opening doors and lids for ease of use.

These wicker screens blend in well when bins are stored in the garden or against a natural background.

They should be used on hard ground, concrete or brick to avoid the frames standing in the damp. They should also be painted with preservative at least once a year - a standard water-based fence of shed preservative is ideal and allown yu to "tailor" the colour somewhat to your garden or driveway.

If properly looked after like this, these wicker wheelie bin screens will last for years.

Wicker Wheelie Bin Screen

Wheelie Bin and Box Storage Cupboards in Pressure Treated Cedar Wood
Wheelie binand box storage in pressure treated cedar These wheelie bin storage cupboards are the "Rolls Royce" of bin and box storage.

Made in sizes to fit everything from a single wheelie bin to 5 bins and covering a combination of bins and boxes (see left 2 x bins and 2 x boxes) they also come in sizes to cater from wheelie bins from 120 litre to 360 litre including mixed sizes like 2 x 240 litre + 1 x 140 litre.

Made to order in Blackburn

Wheelie Bin Screens in Choice of Colours and Bin Sizes - Wipe Clean Plastic & Rubber Wheels
These hand made "pens" are made by Trevor Waas and his wife at SmartFab Ltd. near Retford in Nottinghanshire.

Made from high quality plastics, they come in 6 x colours, 3 bin sizes and for 1, 2 or 3 wheelie bins.
They incorporate great features like rubber wheels for ease of moving out when the bins need "putting out" and all "pens" have flower trays on either side at the top to help them blend in with their environment (see "before and after example" at the top of this blog).

They are delivered fully assembled and currently available outside the M25 and excluding the Highlands, N Ireland and Isle of Wight.

These are new to this month.
 Flower tray on SmartFab Pen
SmartFab pens all have rubber wheels to make them easy to move
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